Founded in 1991 by a small group of radio engineers from GE Mobile Radio, we’ve grown to employ more than 70 experienced professionals across our sales, engineering, and operations departments. Operating out of Concord, Ontario, Futurecom has grown to encompass a 25,000 square feet facility, including a manufacturing plant. Our continued success as a company can be attributed to our engineering expertise, responsive customer support, and innovative product design.

Our Accomplishments

We’ve achieved quite a bit as a company over the years. Here are some milestones we’re proud to share:


  • Developed the first-generation vehicular repeater for the Ontario Ministry of Health.


  • Manufactured 160 Multexcom RF sites for the Province of Saskatchewan public safety system.


  • First major award for coverage extension products from a large transit operator in Canada.


  • Awarded a coverage extension contract to provide on-channel repeaters for one of the world’s largest transit tunnels in North America.
  • Introduced the second-generation vehicular repeater. Awarded contract to supply over 3,000 vehicular repeaters to the Province of Ontario.


  • Introduced the first P25 Digital Vehicular Repeater (DVRS) in the marketplace. Accepted an order for over 3,000 units from a large mid-Atlantic U.S. State.


  • Major contract award for in tunnel coverage extensions for large transit operator tunnel extension.


  • Introduced the VRX1000 – Vehicle Radio Extender – Fully upgradable from an analog only extender to a full P25 trunking extender makes the VRX1000 the only product in the marketplace to give customers the flexibility as they upgrade their systems.
  • First annual Giving Back Day where Futurecom employees dedicate a day of service to the community


  • Awarded large VRX1000 contract from large Northeastern Utility


  • Introduced the PDR8000® – Portable Digital Repeater with Wireline Support


  • Launch of support for end-to-end encryption on TDMA digital networks, providing enhanced security and more efficient RF spectrum utilization.
  • Announced the introduction of the optional 50-Watt Booster Pack for the PDR8000®


  • Launched The Connectivity Application Note for the PDR8000® – Portable Digital Repeater providing users further ways to extend their P25 Network through a variety of deployment backhauls including V.24 conversion either over LTE or IP modems or V.24 to serial modem links.
  • Futurecom awarded its first patents for design elements of the PDR8000®
  • Futurecom becomes a sponsor of the Canadian Police Memorial Ride to Remember


  • Introduced the DVR-LX® Digital Vehicular Repeater, a product refresh of the first generation P25 Digital Vehicular Repeater (DVR), addresses the space constraints many emergency vehicles are faced with.
  • As part of the largest public safety communication project ever in North America, Futurecom is selected to supply 6,000 DVR-LX® vehicle repeaters for the Province of Ontario. This project replaces Futurecom products that have been in continuous service for over 20 years protecting first responders by providing lifesaving voice radio coverage in the harshest environments.
  • Futurecom becomes the Presenting Sponsor of the Canadian Memorial Ride to Remember.


  • Futurecom introduces the PDR8000®  Rackmount Repeater, Futurecom celebrates 30th Anniversary


  • Motorola Solutions Acquires Futurecom Systems Group