The following products have been discontinued and out of support.

Part Number    Description

7F017X01         Translator

7J052X03          Single Channel Sitexcom, 800MHz

7J055X10          Multexcom, 800MHz

7J055X11          Multexcom, 800MHz

7V046X02         Channel Module, VHF

7V0460X4         Channel Module, UHF

7V046X06         Channel Module, 800MHz

7V073X11         Mobexcom VR, VHF

7V073X15         Mobexcom VR, 800MHz

7V073X16         Mobexcom VR, 700MHz

7V073X21         Mobexcom VR, VHF

7V073X23         Mobexcom VR, UHF

7V073X24         Mobexcom VR, UHF

7V073X25         Mobexcom VR, 800MHz

7V073X35         Mobexcom VR, 800MHz

7V073X36         Mobexcom VR, 700MHz

7V074X01         CM-D, VHF

7V074X02         CM-D, UHF

7V074X03         CM-D, 800MHz

7V535X01         OCR Module, UHF

7V535X04         OCR Module, 800MHz

7V535X05         OCR Module, 900MHz

7Y535X01         OCR Shelf, UHF

7Y535X06         OCR Shelf, 800MHz

7Y535X07         OCR Shelf, 800MHz

7Y535X08         OCR Shelf, UHF

7Y077X03         Transportable Mobexcom Battery Pack

7Y077X05         Transportable Mobexcom VR, Orange Case

7Y077X07         Transportable Mobexcom VR, Black Case

1W073A01       VR Power Cable

7W073X04        VR Control Head Cable

7W073X05        VR Mobile Radio Cable

7W073X65        VR ABC Switch Cable

7W073X75        VR Mobile Radio Cable

7W073X76        VR Control Head Cable