PLEASE NOTE: The prices for flat rate repair as well as time and material repairs are subject to change without notice. It is Futurecom’s sole discretion to determine if a unit could be repaired.

Hardware Warranty Period

To ensure your Repeater  operates at its optimal level, a standard 1 year warranty is offered. Optional Essential warranty is available in 3, 5 or 7 year duration. For additional peace of mind,  Optional Essential with accidential damage is available in 3, 5 or 7 year duration.

Standard Support

Standard Support is offered following the Hardware Warranty Period, up to year seven.  Flat-rate and time and material hardware repairs available.

  • Flat Rate Repair: $699.99 USD** OR
  • Time & Materials Evaluation: $499.00 USD***

Extended Support

Time and material hardware repairs available at escalated pricing.

  • Time & Materials Evaluation: $699.99 USD***
  • Flat Rate Repair: NOT AVAILABLE

End of Support

Best effort time and material repairs available at further escalated pricing based on material and resource availability.  Please note, support is no longer offered on XTL products.

  • Time & Materials Evaluation: $849.99 USD ***
  • Flat Rate Repair: NOT AVAILABLE

**  The flat rate repair cost does not include freight and or brokerage charges, please include a courier account number for the return shipment, or we could ship via prepaid and add it to the repair cost.

*** For time and materials, there is a minimum cost for evaluation (excluding taxes, freight and brokerage shipping charges). Should investigation determine repair cost exceeds the minimum, you will be provided with the firm price for the repair and asked to provide written confirmation before Futurecom proceeds. Please note, that the minimum repair costs are applicable regardless if you decide to proceed with full repairs or not, and regardless if Futurecom determines the unit cannot be repaired.  It is Futurecom’s sole discretion to determine if a unit could be repaired.  If the repair costs (parts and labour) are not commercially economical to proceed, the unit will be deemed unrepairable, and the minimum evaluation fee will be applied.